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Parent Roles within Teams

  • Team Manager- Be a team manager for an HSE DI team. Help facilitate team meetings. (Team Manager training is available as is a Road Map to help guide and direct you throughout the year.)
  • Co-Team Manager- Assist the team manager with team meetings.
  • Instant Challenge-Assist Team Mangers with collecting materials, setup and facilitating Instant Challenges (Instant Challenge directions will be available.  You will not have to create them yourself.)
  • Team Parent- Organize things for team managers, collect supplies, send emails, etc. 
  • Communications/Outreach Committee (work on behalf of all HSE DI) - Create team signs for schools, share information with schools and determine best fundraising opportunities for DI in school.
  • Fundraising Committee Member (work on behalf of all HSE DI)- Develop, coordinate, implement and document DI Booster club fundraising strategy.  
  • Booster Club Rep - Attend General Booster Club meetings and relays information to team parents.  Meetings are typically quarterly and you will receive an email about dates and times.

This is where you can access the account portal to sign up, pay dues, as well as many other things this year! You can also access the Account Portal by clicking "My Account" at the top of the screen.